Come and join us for an afternoon of song on Nov 17th. We will hold a concert ‘Spring into Summer’at Whitianga Town Hall. We’d love to see you then for an afternoon of entertainment followed by our ‘famous in Whiti’ afternoon tea! Tickets $15, $5 under 18.

NEW members very welcome!!

You say you can’t sing? Believe it or not, we are all born singers, and you don’t have to read music or be a solo performer to love singing. In fact, singing together makes us feel good and belonging to something bigger than yourself enhances your well-being by giving you a sense of belonging.  There is scientific evidence that harmonising is good for your health and that the challenges and enjoyment of singing in groups and harmonising with others, improves your stress levels, relieves anxiety, and elevates your endorphins.
You say you can’t read music?  Well don’t you worry.  Many of our choir members can’t, but through regular practice, we all get there in the end.
You say, you don’t know the songs?  Actually, at the start of the term, most of us don’t know the songs either, and the cool thing is that there are enough of us for you to learn without embarrassment.
We are kicking off our Winter term on Monday the 10th of June so this is the perfect time to come along and give it a try. Since we are all at the start of a new repertoire we can all learn together.
We will be practicing each Monday night from 6 pm, at the Mercury Bay Area School Music room, and we welcome you with open arms.  Just bring your voice and a pencil. 
For more information go to  ring Kate on 027 270 9058  or Edie on  0272725733. 

The Mercury Bay Community Choir is for anyone, of any age, who wants to get back to their musical roots, learn new skills, or just
harmonise with new friends.

Our choir includes people of all ages and musical skills; from the experienced chorister to those who just love to sing. We are open and supportive to all new members.

Some of our Performances

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Get involved with the Mercury Bay Community Choir today.

You can come and sing, or come and listen.